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Jaleel Law is a dedicated Criminal Appellate Law firm in Illinois with the sole mission to provide the best possible representation, protect the rights of all people and make winning appeals in Illinois court.

Attorney Jaleel has represented clients all over Illinois with over 15 years of experience and he has proven himself to be the best criminal appeals lawyer with many winning appeals to his credit and numerous awards given by various reputed legal institutions in Illinois that adds 5 stars to his resume and credibility.

As a former Illinois appellate prosecutor, Attorney Jaleel acquired a very unique insight into his cases which helps him analyze the cases from both angles and create a solid appeal in the court of law. Hiring an Illinois Appeals firm like Jaleel Law is like buying peace of mind and assurance of freedom from jail time. We have experience reducing sentences, overturning a ruling, reverting a guilty plea, and most of all making winning appeals in the court of Illinois.

For nearly 15-years, Criminal Appeals law firm Jaleel Law has been fighting for the constitutional rights of individuals throughout the State of Illinois. Our Attorney Omer Jaleel is licensed by the Trial Bar of the Northern District of Illinois, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Illinois. After a successful career as a trial attorney handling major felony defense cases, Mr. Jaleel now focuses his legal practice on significant criminal appellate litigation in the Illinois Supreme Court, all five districts of the Illinois Appellate Court and the 7 th Circuit Court of Appeals., which covers the federal district courts located in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Criminal Appeals Law firm Jaleel Law appeal cases and overturn a previous ruling or jury trial. Should you file an Appeal? Speak with our experienced criminal appeals attorney and let us help you get the outcome you deserve. Call Us Now 630-360-2529

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Facing criminal charges in Illinois is hard, we are here for you in this difficult time. We will fight until you win your appeal!


    Trusted Criminal Appeals Law Firm in Illinois

    A Nationally Renowned Attorney and a Precedent Setting Lawyer at Jaleel Law is recognized as a Top 1% Criminal Defense Attorney in the Nation. Below are some notable cases where our Appellate Law Firm has helped people get justice.

    **Identifying facts have been removed to protect attorney-client privilege.**

    People v. RJ

    Direct appeal involving an Illinois attorney wrongfully convicted of
    obstruction of justice. Appeal resulted in outright reversal of conviction. Issues involved prior Illinois Supreme Court precedent and statutory
    interpretation of the meaning of the word “material obstruction.”

    People v. DH

    Direct appeal in felony Aggravated DUI that resulted in new trial. Issues
    involved prosecutorial misconduct and improper jury instructions. Mr. Jaleel
    also handled the subsequent new trial ordered by the appellate court. In that
    new trial, Mr. Jaleel successfully obtained a finding of not guilty following a
    jury trial.

    People v. WS

    Mr. Jaleel successfully obtained a new trial for client convicted of criminal
    sexual assault. Issues in the motion for a new trial involved ineffective
    assistance of trial counsel and improper hearsay evidence used by the
    prosecution in the bench trial leading to the client’s conviction.

    Note: The preceding cases are a representation of the types of cases that Mr. Jaleel has experience handling. Prior results are no guarantee of future success.
    Criminal Appeals and Post-Convictions Attorney in Illinois

    Attorney Omar Jaleel

    Founder of Jaleel Law P.C.

    I have dedicated my legal career to being a criminal appeals and post-conviction attorney because I am passionate in my belief that everyone deserves their day in court. Often times the deck is so stacked against someone accused of a crime that it can be overwhelming. I love fighting to even that deck for my clients. As a criminal appeals lawyer I get to fight every day for people who feel that all hope is gone. Nearly all my clients are in custody when they hire me and my sole goal is to bring my client home and reunite him with his family. I know that after a finding of guilty it can seem that all hope is lost but I want you to know that the fight has just begun and we can undo the wrong that occurred at trial. Professional ethics prohibit any attorney from promising success but MY PROMISE to you is that I will answer every question that you have, you will ALWAYS know what is going on with your case, and I will fight for your case like we are FAMILY.

    Seeking justice in criminal Appeals Cases

    jaleel law p.c.

    Client Testimonials

    criminal appeals client

    Excellent attorney for Appeals. Accountable. Always shows on time. Strives for customer needs and wants. You feel like you are really backed during the entire process.

    – Brayan V.

    criminal appeals client

    Outstanding legal representation. Omer’s experience and expertise was truly an asset that payed dividends and prevented a disastrous outcome.

    – Beth Grey

    Criminal Appeals client

    I can’t say enough great things about Criminal Appeals Attorney Omar Jaleel. I hired Omar to help a family member to appeal a case, it was my best decision ever!

    – Terry. J

    Chicago’s top Criminal Appellate Law Firm providing the best Criminal Defense in Illinois

    Why is Criminal Appellate Law Firm Jaleel Law solely focused upon criminal appeals representation and post-convictions relief?

    Criminal appeals and post-conviction petitions are niche areas within the overall world of criminal defense. Not all criminal defense attorneys handle criminal appellate cases and even less handle post-conviction petitions either in the trial court or on appeal to the appellate court. Lawyers at Criminal Appeals Law Firm Jaleel Law solely focus on Criminal Appeals and defend our clients with best representation.

    Criminal appellate litigation involves a unique skill set that includes an advance ability to research and critically analyze statutory and case law, it requires an ability to write in succinct and persuasive manner and it requires oral advocacy skills that are vastly different than the oral advocacy skills a criminal defense attorney needs at the trial level. An experienced attorney knows, how to improve your chances of success on appeal?

    Unlike a jury trial that is comprised of citizens from the community, an oral argument before the appellate courts involves arguing before a panel of experienced and knowledge justices of the court. Here and unlike a jury trial, arguments based upon passion or “doing the right thing” do not fly and will be quickly shot down by the justices.

    Only concise and coherent arguments that are laser-focused on only the relevant issues on appeal will be successful. Mr. Jaleel, based on his background of having been a former appellate prosecutor, has the unique experience to know how to present an oral argument that has the optimal chance of success. His immense knowledge on the subject and expertise in criminal appeals resulted in several articles such as What is the criminal appeals process in Illinois? which served many people immensely and help them find direction when they needed it the most.

    Most often criminal appeals are not won based upon whether the accused was guilty or not guilty even though cases based upon the prosecutor’s inability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt are valid arguments in a direct appeal, the strongest arguments are usually based upon some constitutional violation or some error that resulted in the person charged not receiving a fair trial.

    Some common grounds in a criminal appeal are based upon ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial error, judicial error, and other constitutional errors involving the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment. 

    Award winning Appeals Attorney in Illinois

    Awarded as best Criminal Appeals Attorney in Illinois by many Accredited Legal Organizations!

    How Can Our Appellate Law Firm Help You?

    Mr. Jaleel often tells his prospective clients, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” If you feel that something was not right in your or your family member’s trial then something likely is amiss and you need an experienced criminal appeals and post-conviction attorney in Illinois to fight to overturn the wrongful conviction.

    Centrally located in Du Page County, Mr. Jaleel represents clients in trial and appellate courts throughout Illinois including the counties of Cook County, Du Page County; Will County, and Kane County.

    We have won on behalf of clients at the Daley Center; 26th and California; Bridgeview; Skokie; Rolling Meadows; Maywood; Markham; and all the branch courts in Chicago; and the Northern District of Illinois. Mr. Jaleel also handles direct appeals in the Illinois Supreme Court, all five districts of the Illinois Appellate Courts located in Chicago, Elgin, Ottawa, Springfield, and Mt. Vernon. Mr. Jaleel also handles direct appeals and federal habeas corpus petitions in the Northern District of Illinois and direct appeals in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals located in Chicago which handle appeals arising throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. 


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