Attorney Omer Jaleel

Criminal Appeals Attorney Omer Jaleel

Criminal Appeals Attorney Omer Jaleel

Criminal Appeals Attorney Omer Jaleel started Jaleel Law and focused his practice on criminal appeals because he realized as an appellate prosecutor that most people were not receiving the quality of legal representation that they deserved. So many times he saw arguments that should never have been made or arguments that should have been made that weren’t. It has been said that being an attorney is more art than science and that is even truer in appellate litigation. Appealing a criminal case is like a game of chess between yourself and the prosecutor where before each move critical analysis must occur weighing the cost benefit of each legal move and a major part of this analysis is predicting how your opponent will likely respond and your own potential response to your opponent’s move. This second and third level of thinking is critical to having a successful appeal. Having been an appellate prosecutor this thinking is second-nature to him.

My passion is making novel arguments that push the law further and challenge preconceived notions on “how things have always been done.” Only with the courage that is backed by over a decade of experience handling the most complex criminal appeals as both an appellate prosecutor and as a criminal appeals attorney is it possible to correctly apply and sometimes even change the law for my client’s benefit.

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Foundation & Goals

Criminal Appeals and Post-Convictions Attorney Omar Jaleel founded Jaleel Law P.C. with one goal in mind – to provide the best legal representation possible for his clients. As a former Assistant State’s Attorney and appellate prosecutor, Mr. Jaleel has handled all types of criminal appeals and post-conviction petitions. During his time with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Mr. Jaleel handled cases ranging from DUI to first-degree murder and was the lead appellate prosecutor on issues such as reasonable doubt, insanity, prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, evidentiary issues, retroactive application of new laws, and the constitutionality of statutes.

Criminal Appeals Attorney Omer Jaleel’s Experience & Expertise

This experience as a prosecutor allows Mr. Jaleel to look at client’s cases not only as a criminal appeals attorney but also as a prosecutor. This unique insight has benefited his clients greatly allowing him to not only explain to them the strengths in the prosecution’s case but more importantly the holes that could be used to establish reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case. With this foundation of success built as a prosecutor, Mr. Jaleel founded Jaleel Law to give his client exceptional legal representation that can only be provided by someone who has handled a diverse range of cases. While in private practice, Mr. Jaleel has only continued to build on the reputation of being a zealous advocate for his clients.

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awarded Top criminal appeals lawyer in Chicago
Awarded Nations Top One percent Lawyer by Distinguished Associates

Criminal Appeals Attorney Omer Jaleel Awards And Accolades

Mr. Jaleel’s commitment to his client and his craft has earned him numerous awards and accolades. Mr. Jaleel is pleased to have been named as:

  • Top One Percent Lawyer by The National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • Top 40 Lawyers Under 40 by The American Society of Legal Advocates
  • Top 10 Under 40 by The National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Top Lawyer by The Global Directory of Who’s Who

Winning awards and accolades, however, is not what makes Mr. Jaleel tick. Rather, Mr. Jaleel loves to be on the cutting edge of the law and be a driving force in where the law is headed. In this regard, Mr. Jaleel has been successful. As an appeals lawyer, Mr. Jaleel has been a key player in several cases that have been published by the Illinois appeals courts. Under the legal doctrine of stare decisis published opinions carry precedential value and apply to all cases that are pending. The appeals rules state that published opinions should only be reserved for special cases that create a new rule of law or a case that changes the legal landscape. In effect, published opinions create new law.

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