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Grounds for an Appeal in Illinois

Grounds for an Appeal in Chicago, IL

When can we Appeal? The most common grounds for appeal of a criminal conviction are improper admission or exclusion of evidence,, ineffective assistance of counsel, insufficient evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, jury misconduct and/or abuse of discretion by the judge. After a court has convicted and sentenced a criminal defendant, the defendant may file an appeal to …

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Challenges when filing a successive appeal

The Challenges When Filing Successive Post-Conviction Petitions in Illinois?

What are the challenges when filing successive post-conviction petitions? Successive post-conviction petitions in Illinois are very difficult to file. The Post-Conviction Hearing Act allows challenges to a conviction when the conviction resulted in a substantial constitutional deprivation that could not have been raised earlier in a direct criminal appeal. Because of this post-conviction petitions are …

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how long does post-convictions petition take

How long does post-conviction relief take?

How long will post-conviction relief take to resolve? There are many factors that go into how long a post-conviction petition takes in Illinois including the complexity of the issues, the ability to quickly locate and interview potential witnesses, how long it takes for parties to respond to subpoenas and how long it takes for the …

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Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Did You Receive Ineffective Assistance of Counsel?

Have You Receive Ineffective Assistance of Counsel? As stated in the previous section, the grounds available for overturning a conviction on appeal are numero and are really only limited by the cleverness and legal dexterity of the appellate attorney handling the appeal; however, one of the most common arguments raised on appeal is the ineffectiveness …

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How to improve your chances of success on Appeal

How to Improve Your Chances of Success on Appeal?

Improve your chance of successful Appeal Pursuing an appeal is a difficult, time-consuming, and often times a losing endeavor. Despite all these headwinds, an appeal is the only method available to remedy the wrong that was committed at trial and to get you the justice that you deserve. You can however do a few things …

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the appeals process

The Appeals Process

What is the Appeals Process? Not the End of the Road: Appealing a Conviction in Chicago, Illinois The trial has ended and the jury has just returned from its deliberations. The foreperson tells the judge that the jury has reached a unanimous decision. The jury’s signed verdict is handed from the bailiff to the clerk. …

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criminal appeals process illinois

What is the criminal appeal process in Illinois?

The Illinois Criminal Appeals process is explained. A Criminal appeal in Illinois is not another trial but an opportunity for the defendant to try to raise specific errors that might have occurred at trial. Litigating a criminal appeal in Illinois is vastly different then litigating a criminal defense case at the trial level. During a …

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Making up of Illinois Appallate Court and Supreme Court

Makeup of the Illinois Appellate Court & Supreme Court

Illinois Appellate Court The Illinois Appellate Court is divided into five separate districts and some of the districts are subdivided into divisions. Although divided into districts the Illinois Appellate Court is a unified system and decisions of one district have precedential value for the others. The first district meets in Chicago, the second in Elgin, …

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Should you file an Appeal?

Should you file an appeal?

Do I need to File an Appeal? On a daily basis, I receive calls from people who want to file an appeal because the finding of guilty “was wrong.” While this is certainly a valid reason to appeal, it typically is not the only argument available or even the best argument. Before trial, a defendant …

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Can police get you out of car

Can police make you get out of your car

Is it possible for a police officer to order you out of your vehicle? Whether a police officer can order you out of your vehicle is a question that the Chicago criminal appeals defense attorney at Jaleel Law P.C. is asked nearly every day by a client. The United States Supreme Court has already answered …

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