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Unveiling the Fifth District Appellate Court

Unveiling the Fifth: A Deep Dive into Illinois’ Southernmost Appellate Court In the heart of Illinois, south of bustling Chicago and stretching to the Mississippi River, lies the Fifth District Appellate Court. Often overshadowed by its bigger siblings in the north, this court plays a crucial role in upholding justice for millions of Illinoisans. Today, …

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Illinois Criminal Appeals Process and TImeline

Important Dates When Filing a Criminal Appeal in Illinois

Criminal Appeals in Illinois Outline If you or a family member has been charged with a crime, hiring a lawyer to represent you is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. In Illinois, case outcomes can sometimes hinge on evidence gathered by police. This evidence could be potentially challenged by an experienced attorney. If …

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What is Probable cause in a criminal appeal?

What is Probable Cause in a Criminal Appeal?

Probable cause is a term that is used often in criminal law and is one of the most common issues in a criminal appeal in Illinois or federal court. Probable cause allows a police officer to arrest someone or to conduct a search without an arrest warrant and it is required before a judge can …

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Notice of Appeal

Notice Of Appeal

What is a Notice of Appeal? The notice of appeal is the formal method of transferring jurisdiction of the case from the trial court to the appellate court.  Both federal appeals courts and Illinois appellate courts require a notice of appeal to be timely filed before an appeal can be taken. A notice of appeal …

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Jury Trial

 The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Jury Trial

Factors for Client To Consider for Jury Waivers There are many factors in jury waiver, below are only some of many things counsel should consider when advising a client about the benefits and drawbacks of a jury trial. Each factor should be accorded a heavier or lighter weight depending on the specific case. The Client  …

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Sentencing Options in Chicago

Sentencing Options in Chicago

Sentencing Guidelines in Illinois A sentence is a disposition imposed on the defendant such as court supervision, probation, conditional discharge, jail, or prison. Once a defendant is found guilty, a sentencing hearing is held. At the sentencing hearing, several options are available to the judge. Convicted felons are required to submit a DNA sample. An …

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Direct Appeal


Get an Honest and Experienced Appeals Lawyer on Your Team  Being convicted of a criminal offense is a life-altering event. While facing the prospect of incarceration you must decide whether you want to file a direct appeal in your case and unfortunately time is not on your side. Illinois appeals law requires anyone convicted of …

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