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Jaleel Law focuses on criminal appeals in Chicago and greater Chicago including Cook County and all of Chicago’s collar counties. The Illinois Supreme Court Rules control how criminal appellate lawyers in Chicago Illinois file criminal appeals in the Illinois Courts of Appeal and the Illinois Supreme Court. The Rules created by the Illinois Supreme Court must be followed by Chicago appeal attorneys before filing a criminal appeal in Chicago, Illinois. The Rules govern every aspect of a criminal appeal including the appellate process in Illinois.

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Jaleel Law is highly skilled in the Illinois Supreme Court Rules, appellate procedure and the appellate process in Illinois. Jaleel Law has handled the most complex criminal appeals from Chicago Cook County, Illinois and increase the likelihood of success in a criminal appeal.  

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Mr. Jaleel believes that Jaleel Law succeeds only when you win your criminal appeal in Chicago, Illinois. Choosing a Chicago appeal attorney is a difficult process. The criminal appellate lawyer at Jaleel Law is dedicated to your case and our experience as a former appellate prosecutor sets us apart from other Chicago appeals attorneys. Jaleel Law knows the appeals process in Chicago, Illinois and throughout Illinois. Jaleel Law handles criminal appeals in Cook County, Illinois, every district of the Illinois Appellate Court, the Illinois Supreme Court and federal appellate courts.  Read about our Illinois Appeals Lawyers.

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Jaleel Law is the premier Chicago appellate lawyers focusing only on the most complex criminal appeals cases in the Illinois appellate court system. Jaleel Law has the experience arguing a wide range of topics including wire fraud, mortgage fraud, major drug crimes including criminal drug conspiracy, manufacturing a controlled substance or delivery of a controlled substance, murder, firearms possession, securities, white-collar crime, constitutional issues and federal drug appeals and other federal criminal appeals. Jaleel Law knows how to research and draft persuasive appellate briefs and make compelling arguments that increase the likelihood of success of criminal appeal. 

Jaleel Law is led by criminal appeals attorney Omer Jaleel. Unlike most criminal appellate law firms, you will speak with and deal directly with criminal appeals lawyer Omer Jaleel. Call today to speak with him directly about your state or federal appeals issue in Illinois.

Appeals are court actions that require the experience of an appeal lawyer or appellate law firm. Criminal appeals require extensive experience in criminal appeals in Chicago, Illinois. Jaleel Law is a criminal appeals lawyer who has the knowledge and skills to file your criminal appeal that complies with all rules related to the criminal appeals process in Cook County, Illinois and appellate law in Illinois. Failure to comply with appellate law could result in waiving your right to file a criminal appeal in Illinois. Jaleel Law is a highly-respected and award winning federal appellate lawyers and are here to assist you with any type of criminal appeals in Cook County Illinois. Jaleel Law is led by a former appellate prosecutor who has years of experience in representing countless clients makes them an excellent choice when choosing an Chicago appeal law firm in Illinois.

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A criminal appeal in Illinois is both a time-consuming process and complex process which can only be handled by an experienced Chicago criminal appeals lawyer. Jaleel Law is a Chicago appeal lawyers who are focused on Illinois criminal appeals, Chicago federal appeals and all criminal appeals in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Jaleel Law can make the appellate process appear seamless.

Criminal appeals cases in Chicago Illinois must follow appellate procedures and the appellate process that is govern each district of the Illinois Court of Appeals and the Illinois Supreme Court. An Illinois criminal appeal is not a new trial or a place where new evidence is presented. Instead, criminal appeals in Cook County, Illinois are a formal request to the Illinois Court of Appeals to review your case for appellate errors. Jaleel Law offers free consultations with a highly experienced criminal appeals lawyer in criminal appeals in Chicago who can help you review your case and see what options are available to you.  Don’t hesitate, Call Today.

Contact Jaleel Law today to consult with our criminal appellate attorneys regarding your criminal defense. As experienced appellate lawyers in Chicago, Jaleel Law will work to develop creative criminal defense strategies for even the most complex legal problems. Let our criminal appeals law firm guide you through the criminal appeals process in Illinois.

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Criminal Appeals in Illinois and federal criminal appeals require a special set of skills and knowledge. The Illinois appellate process in Chicago, Illinois requires knowledge of appellate procedures and the Illinois Supreme Court Rules that govern the appeals process. If you have been convicted and are incarcerated, legal action is still available to protect your rights. Our Chicago appeal law firm may be able to file a criminal appeal, a post-conviction petition, 2-1401 motions, a federal habeas corpus petitions, 2255 motions or petitions, and 2254 motions and petitions.

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As a former appellate prosecutor and now as a criminal defense appeals lawyer, Mr. Jaleel has filed hundreds of criminal appeals involving the most complex issues such as insanity defense, not not guilty cases, constitutionality of juvenile life sentences, First Amendment rights cases, major Chicago drug cases and other drug offenses in Cook County, Illinois and other major felony cases in Illinois and federal courts. Jaleel Law is able to provide the best possible criminal defense representation for Illinois criminal appeals, Illinois post-conviction petitions, and federal criminal appeals.

To succeed as an Illinois appellate attorney requires knowledge to identify the critical issues in a criminal appeal, research the appellate issues, and draft a persuasive and compelling appellate brief. Illinois Appeals and post-conviction relief in Illinois cases require the expertise of a former appellate prosecutor due to how complex the criminal appeals process in Illinois. Mr. Jaleel has dedicated his legal career to criminal appeals and as the premier Chicago criminal appeals lawyer, Mr. Jaleel has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to win your criminal appeal in Illinois or overturn your Chicago criminal appeal. Jaleel Law is the trusted criminal appellate law firm in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

Jaleel Law has successfully obtained new trials, reduced sentences and even full reversals of criminal convictions by making compelling appellate arguments in Illinois Court of Appeals. Contact our Chicago federal appeals lawyers today. A federal criminal appeal and a criminal appeal in Illinois have fixed deadlines that must be met to file a criminal appeal. Jaleel Law is led by a criminal appeals lawyer who handled the most complex criminal appeals in Chicago and post-conviction petitions in Illinois. Jaleel Law will fight your criminal appeal with dedication and keep you informed on what is going on with your Chicago criminal appeal. We promise to treat you with the respect you deserve. Our Chicago appeal lawyers are here to help you win your appeal.

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Some of the criminal appeals cases in Illinois that we have handled in the past are first-degree murder, criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, armed habitual criminal, Class X offenses, major felonies, delivery or manufacturing of a controlled substances act including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth possession, distribution or growth, and armed habitual criminal. Jaleel Law is a criminal appellate law firm that prides itself on not knowing the current state of the law but by pushing the law forward by handling criminal appeals that involve cases of first-impression. Jaleel Law is an appellate law firm that is dedicated and singularly focused on handling criminal appeals in Chicago, Illinois.

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