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The Chicago criminal appeals attorney at Jaleel Law is one of the most highly regarded attorneys in Illinois. If you or your loved one is wrongfully accused of a crime, the criminal appeals lawyer at the top Chicago’s criminal appellate firm will defend you until you are reunited with your loved one.

Why Jaleel Law is Different.

Experience: Led by a Former Appellate Prosecutor who has handled the most complex criminal appeals in Illinois and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Dedication:We will not outsource you. When you hire us you will always speak with Omer and he will handle your appeal from beginning to end.  

Respect:Many of our clients tell us that they were afraid to call their former criminal defense lawyers. That will never happen with Jaleel Law. We welcome your call and we will answer all of your questions regardless of how long it takes or how many questions you may have.

Integrity: We will always be honest with you and tell you everything we would want to know if the roles were reversed. Your case will always be our most important case.

At Jaleel Law we understand how a criminal charge affects one’s life emotionally and physically and how it negatively impacts a person’s social image, family and welfare. The Criminal Appeals Attorney at Jaleel law understands that the struggle is real and our professionals are here for you and to fight for your rights until the justice is served.


    Criminal Appeals Attorney in Chicago

    At Jaleel Law we replace fear with hope and take the burden off our clients. We not only provide our clients with the best criminal defense but also give them assurance, guidance and strength throughout the criminal appeals process. You are safe in the hands of Chicago’s most highly reputed criminal attorney who will fight for you or your loved one anywhere in the greater Chicago area including Cook, Du Page, Will, Kane and Lake Counties and throughout Chicago’s collar counties.

    Jaleel Law is highly skilled in the Illinois Supreme Court Rules, appellate procedure and the appellate process in Illinois. Jaleel Law has handled the most complex criminal appeals in Illinois and federal appeals. A highly skilled appeals attorney greatly increases the likelihood of success in a criminal appeal.  

    Jaleel Law is an appellate law firm that is dedicated and singularly focused on handling criminal appeals in Chicago. Connect with or Appeal lawyers in Chicago at (630) 360-2529.

    Being arrested is scary and choosing an appeals attorney is a difficult process. Jaleel Law is here every step of the way from criminal arrest process to criminal appeals process. The criminal appellate lawyer at Jaleel Law is dedicated to your case and our experience as a former appellate prosecutor sets us apart from other appeals attorneys. Jaleel Law succeeds only when you win your criminal appeal.

    Experienced Criminal Defense Appeals Attorney in Chicago

    As a former appellate prosecutor and now as a criminal defense appeals attorney in Chicago, Mr. Jaleel has filed hundreds of criminal appeals involving the most complex issues such as insanity defense, not not guilty cases, constitutionality of juvenile life sentences, First Amendment rights cases, major Chicago drug trafficking cases and other major drug possession offenses in Cook County, Illinois and other major felony cases in Illinois and federal courts such as embezzlement, fraud, and first-degree murder.

    Chicago's Criminal Appellate Attorney

    At Jaleel Law we believe no crime is big or small and we prepare each criminal case unique to its circumstances and prepare a litigation pathway for our clients, which is not just easy to understand but which also have the highest chances of success on appeal. Jaleel Law is the premier Chicago wrongfully accused lawyer who is able to provide the best possible criminal defense representation for Chicago criminal appeals, Chicago post-conviction petitions, and federal criminal appeals.

    Jaleel Law is the trusted criminal appellate law firm in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Jaleel Law has successfully obtained new trials, reduced sentences and even full reversals of criminal convictions by making compelling appellate arguments in Illinois Court of Appeals. Attorney Jaleel at Jaleel Law has dedicated his legal career to criminal appeals and as the premier Chicago criminal appeals lawyer, Attorney Jaleel has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to win your criminal appeal in Illinois or overturn your Chicago criminal appeal.

    To have a successful appeal, a Chicago appellate attorney requires knowledge to identify the critical issues in a criminal appeal, research the appellate issues, and draft a persuasive and compelling appellate brief. Chicago Appeals and post-conviction relief in Illinois cases require the expertise of a former appellate prosecutor who understands the complexity of the criminal appeals process in Illinois.

    Chicago Felony Defense Appeals

    Appealing a felony charge in Chicago is extremely challenging and it is even more challenging finding the right criminal defense lawyer. The right criminal defense strategy can save you time, money and keep you out of jail. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney with years of experience in criminal defense appeals can be the difference between freedom and incarceration. At Jaleel Law we understand the seriousness of any crime and the damages it may incur on your life and the potential time away from loved ones. When your life is on the line it is crucial to hire the best felony defense attorney.

    Appealing a felony charge in Chicago

    Jaleel Law is the premier Chicago criminal appellate lawyers focusing only on the most complex criminal appeals cases. We have experience arguing a wide range of topics including wire fraud, mortgage fraud, major drug crimes including criminal drug conspiracy, manufacturing a controlled substance or delivery of a controlled substance, murder, firearms possession, securities, white-collar crime, constitutional issues and federal drug appeals and other federal criminal appeals. We have a track record of drafting persuasive appellate briefs and make compelling arguments that increase the likelihood of success of criminal appeal. 

    Felony defense law firm, Jaleel Law is led by criminal appeals attorney Omer Jaleel a former appellate prosecutor. Unlike most criminal appellate law firms, you will speak with and deal directly with criminal appeals lawyer Omer Jaleel. Call today to speak with him directly about your state or federal appeals issue in Illinois.

    Some of the criminal appeals cases in Illinois that we have handled in the past are first-degree murder, criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, armed habitual criminal, Class X offenses, major felonies, delivery or manufacturing of a controlled substances act including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth possession, distribution or growth, and armed habitual criminal.

    Criminal Appeals Success Cases in Chicago

    People vs PH

    A direct appeal involving a petition under the Illinois Post-Conviction and
    hearing act that was dismissed at first-stage proceedings involving a first-
    degree murder conviction. Issues involved competency to stand trial and
    competency to waive Miranda rights.

    People vs AD

    A direct appeal involving a petition under the Illinois Post-Conviction and
    hearing act that was denied following and evidentiary hearing at third-stage
    proceedings in a first-degree and second-degree murder case. Issues involved
    retroactive application of new criminal laws in collateral proceedings and the
    constitutionality of juvenile life sentences.

    People vs SR

    Direct appeal involving the seizure of 92-kilograms of cocaine by a joint task
    force comprising law enforcement covering multiple jurisdictions. Issues
    involved probable cause, Terry stops, and the Fourth Amendment to the
    United States Constitution.

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    Criminal Appeals Lawyer Serving All of Illinois

    The Illinois appeals lawyer at Jaleel Law has the experience and knowledge to handle the most complex criminal appeals. Attorney Jaleel is an appellate lawyer in Illinois with a background that is unique to criminal appeals attorneys. Attorney Jaleel is not just an expert in his filed but he is also compassionate and he understands how a criminal charge effects a person in small community and for the purpose of being discrete and being highly recommended attorney clients reach out to Attorney Jaleel and he does not hesitate to travel far within Illinois to represent clients.

    Chicago criminal appeals attorney serving all districts in Illinois

    His background handling criminal cases at the trial level provides him the insight necessary to overcome issues related to trial strategy and his background as a former appellate prosecutor provides him with the background to think like a prosecutor. With this unique skill set, Mr. Jaleel has the ability to diagnose the weakness in the State’s case and prepare an appellate brief that is optimized for success.

    Jaleel Law has handled the most complex felony cases at the trial level and has argued cases of first impression in the appellate courts. At Jaleel Law we are on your side and we make sure that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of Jury trail before you hire a Trial Attorney. Throughout the years of representing and winning Illinois appellate cases, our attorney has earned the reputation of being a w ell prepared and knowledge appellate lawyer based on the positive feedback from his valued clients, his colleagues, and members of the judiciary. Attorney Jaleel will leave no stone unturned to discover all the relevant issues on appeal and he will present those issues in a manner that is designed for success, preserving your constitutional rights.

    The Illinois appeals lawyer at Jaleel Law has the experience and knowledge to handle the most complex criminal appeals. Mr. Jaleel is licensed throughout Illinois and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which covers all the federal district courts in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Mr. Jaleel has handled complex felony cases from Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin, Oak Brook, Wheaton, Waukegan, Woodstock and Cicero among other cities. Mr. Jaleel is an Illinois appeals attorney that focuses his entire practice on federal and state court appellate litigation. Mr. Jaleel is available to represent clients in all five appellate courts in Illinois. Mr. Jaleel has experience handling appeals from the 1st District Illinois Appellate Court located in Chicago, the 2nd District Illinois Appellate Court located in Elgin, the 3rd District Appellate Court located in Ottawa, the 4th District Appellate Court located in Springfield, and the 5th District Appellate Court located in Mt. Vernon. 

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    Appellate Litigation Attorneys in Illinois

    Mr. Jaleel is licensed to practice in every appellate court throughout Illinois, the Supreme Court of Illinois and Mr. Jaleel is licensed to handle federal criminal appeals before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States which covers all the federal district courts located in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Mr. Jaleel is also a member of the Federal Trial Bar for the Northern District of Illinois.

    Criminal appeals in Illinois can either involve a direct appeal which is an appeal that immediately follows a finding of guilty subsequent to a jury trial or a bench trial or they can involve an appeal of a post-conviction petition which the trial court has either dismissed or denied leave to file a subsequent post-conviction petition because the petition failed to establish the requisite cause and prejudice necessary for a subsequent post-conviction petition.

    Can I file a direct appeal in Illinois?

    A criminal appeal in Illinois can challenge any final decision issued by the trial court. However, the prosecution is allowed what are known as interlocutory appeals, which are appeals that do not challenge a final decision. For example, if the State loses a motion to suppress or a motion to dismiss the State is allowed by appellate rules to file an appeal challenging the trial court’s order; however, if a defendant loses a motion to suppress or a motion to dismiss, he or she must wait until a finding of guilty to challenge the pre-trial motions on appeal. If the State does file an interlocutory appeal, it is imperative that you hire an experience criminal appeals attorney to ensure that your hard-fought victory in the trial court is preserved. Our appellate attorney in Illinois handles appellate cases throughout Illinois including from Cook County, Du Page County, Lake County, Will County, Kane County, McHenry County, Winnebago County, Madison County, St. Clair County, Champaign County, Sangamon County, Peoria County, and McLean County Illinois.

    If you have been sentenced in Illinois, Jaleel Law is here to help! Learn about the Sentencing Options in Illinois

    Mr. Jaleel has a passion for criminal appellate litigation in Illinois and he takes pride that he has been a precedent setting attorney successfully arguing cases of first impression in appellate courts throughout Illinois. Mr. Jaleel is proud that he is the appellate lawyer that other criminal defense attorneys use to handle the criminal appeal for their clients. They know, like our former clients know, that Mr. Jaleel is the criminal appeals lawyer that only takes cases that matter and where the client needs the best appellate attorney in Illinois to obtain the results they need. Mr. Jaleel guarantees that he will handle your appeal like it deserves with the utmost care and dedication and we will always be standing by your side answering all the questions that you may have. If you have a direct criminal appeal or a post-conviction petition, Mr. Jaleel is the criminal defense attorney you need and deserve.

    What makes Jaleel Law the best choice when hiring a Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Chicago?

    Experience, Integrity and Honesty

    Appeals law firm

    Mr. Jaleel has earned the reputation as one of the premier criminal appeal lawyers in Illinois. That reputation has been earned with over 15-years of being on the cutting edge of the law as a prosecutor and now as a criminal appeals attorney. Mr. Jaleel has handled the most complex cases as a prosecutor and now as criminal appellate lawyer. Mr. Jaleel uses his experience as a former appellate prosecutor to gain an edge for his clients in criminal appeals. Mr. Jaleel is committed to working for his criminal appeals clients so that they can get the justice they failed to receive at trial. When only the best can do people turn to Jaleel Law for their criminal appeals case throughout Illinois.

    Mr. Jaleel has earned the reputation of willing to fight for his clients when others failed to do so. Mr. Jaleel will turn over every rock to develop a winning strategy for his clients appealing a criminal conviction in Illinois. Years of experience has taught Jaleel Law how to prepare the best possible case for a winning appeal.

    Call us today to take advantage of free consultation with Chicago Appellate Litigation law firm.

    Best Advice Given by Attorney Jaleel to his Clients

    Experienced Appellate Counsel

    The number one thing that you can do is to fight the charges and take the case to trial. Never plead guilty. A plea of guilty makes appealing your case much more difficult and, in many cases, it makes appealing impossible. According to appellate procedure, a plea of guilty waives all issues except jurisdiction. In fact, even meritorious defenses are waived following a guilty plea. After pleading guilty, the appellate rules require the defendant to file a motion to withdraw the plea of guilty. Such motions generally need to be filed within a certain time frame of entering the plea. The appellate courts have consistently held that pleading guilty is a grave and solemn act. Because of this, motions to withdraw a guilty plea are not routinely granted.   

    The next best thing that you can do to increase your chances of success is to retain an experienced appellate counsel as soon as possible. An appellate attorney will be able to prepare your motion for a new trial which can exponentially increase the likelihood that your appellate arguments are properly preserved for appeal. The motion for a new trial is the basis for a winning direct appeal. A boilerplate motion for a new trial downloaded from the Internet, where only the defendant’s name is changed – a fact we see all the time, is a recipe for disaster. More often than not, boilerplate motions for a new trial result in appellate issues being waived for appeal because they either fail to argue relevant issues that apply to your case or they raise issues in generic terms, which are insufficient to preserve the issue for appeal. An experienced appellate lawyer hired early enough in the post-trial stage will have the experience to identify the relevant issues and help ensure that your rights to appeal are properly preserved.

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