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Chicago post-conviction attorney, Omer Jaleel will fight to overturn your wrongful conviction. We know that wrongful convictions are unfortunately a fact of the criminal justice. While it may seem that all hope is lost after a loved-one has been wrongfully incarcerated, all hope is not lost. Illinois law provides several options to obtain post-conviction relief. . One of the most common and effective is a post-conviction petition brought under the Illinois Post-Conviction Hearing Act.

Our Post-Conviction Lawyer Knows How to Win Post-Conviction Cases in Chicago and Throughout Illinois.


    Chicago Post-Convictions Attorney

    Post-conviction petitions are complicated legal documents that seek to show that a criminal conviction was the result of a substantial constitutional deprivation. Post-conviction petitions are even more complicated if they are a successive post-conviction petition which requires a showing of cause and prejudice before a successive post-conviction petition can even be filed.

    Because of the added difficulties with successive post-conviction petitions, it is important that the initial post-conviction is handled properly and all post-convictions issues are raised. The courts dislike nothing more than piecemeal arguments. Every Post-Conviction has its own timeline depending upon the complexity of the case. To really know how long a Post-Convictions Relief will take, one should contact a qualified Attorney at Jaleel Law.

    What We Can Do for You As Your Trusted Post-Convictions Lawyer

    As a former appellate prosecutor, Omer Jaleel has handled post-conviction petitions as a prosecutor and he is able to use that insight to file a post-conviction petition on your behalf that has the greatest chances of success.

    Post-Convictions Relief

    We have successfully filed post-conviction petitions throughout Illinois and especially in Cook County, Du Page County, Lake County, Will County, Kane County, McHenry County, and Kendall County.

    Most times, before we take on a post-conviction case, we undertake a thorough review of your case including reading the transcripts from your trial along with any appellate court decisions in your case. Once our review is complete, we will discuss with you the options that you have, the likelihood of success on each issue we discovered and using Mr. Jaleel’s experience as an appellate prosecutor, we will discuss with you the State’s likely response to our post-conviction claims. We will arm you with all the knowledge to make an informed choice and then we will fight for you till we win.

    Chicago post-conviction attorney, Omer Jaleel knows what it takes to overturn your wrongful conviction and finally give you the justice that you deserve.

    Has your post-conviction been denied or dismissed?

    Post-conviction petitions involve three stages and regardless of the stage you are in or even if you are thinking about filing a post-conviction petition, we can help and answer the questions that you have about pursuing a post-conviction petition. Even if you have filed a pro se post-conviction petition we still can help.

    Unlike most post-conviction attorneys, Omer Jaleel can fight your wrongful conviction in the appellate courts. Mr. Jaleel has handled numerous appeals involving post-conviction petitions that were either denied or dismissed at the trial level. We have taken post-conviction petitions all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court. We have the capability to overcome the challenges when filing successive post-conviction petitions in Illinois

    Call us. We would love to help bring your love-one home. We have the experience to fight for you and we promise that we will be solely dedicated to your case and give you the attention you deserve.

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