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Omar Jaleel defends clients throughout Illinois and across the nation who are facing prosecution in either state or federal courts. He believes in providing the strongest and most effective defense possible for clients accused of any serious felony.

Using his skills and experience, and supported by the efforts of professional investigators and technical specialists, he will work to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. Simply put, he will fight for your liberty.

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During a free legal consultation, you tell our legal representatives the legal goal you are trying to accomplish, and our attorneys will tell you how we would accomplish them. Our representatives can’t answer specific legal questions regarding facts of your case without having an Attorney-Client Relationship in place. This can be put in place before a paid consultation in order for you to get your specific questions answered and calculations made by our legal team.

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    This lawyer has helped many of my neighbors and friends with their issues. He has done pro-bono work for a friend of mine due to their unfortunate family situations. Omar has a great legal mind and deeply cares about his clients and people in general. I wouldn’t refer anyone else in the Chicago area for Criminal Appeals, Post- Convictions or Criminal Defense help.

    Mike O

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